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skatepark planning Planning for Stapelbäddsparken Malmö, Sweden

Skatepark Planning

Concrete skateparks offer a lifetime of enjoyment with minimal maintenance. In comparison to other skate materials, concrete is much more durable and permeable. Concrete skateparks transitions do not become soft and kinked over time. They stay true to the forms in which they were built.

For many cities and organization, planning for a skatepark is a new endeavor. Hopefully for those taking on such a project, it is looked upon as benefit to the community and not a burden.

Skateboarding is a relatively new sport, unknown to older generations, but thriving in the youth culture. Not being a classic sport, skateboarding can be much more expressive and is continually evolving. To many, skateboarders are considered, still today, to be far outside the norm. While somewhat true, their needs must still be addressed in a positive light. To a young skateboarder, nothing in the world is more wonderful than to have a local skatepark. As that skateboarder develops skills, he or she wants always a little something more. A premier park provides the younger rider a place to learn and progress while challenging the older kids to hone their skills. To have an older generation participating and interacting with the younger kids is to give the younger generation a place to gain knowledge and skills, a sort of mentors hip. The bottom line is fun.

Building a user friendly and positive environment will only be beneficial. Here at Placed To Ride, inc., we are committed to skateboarding and to giving local communities a natural skate spot, one that is built for kids and families alike to get away from the worries of life.

We have good understanding of skateboarding, skatepark design and construction. We enjoy working with communities, producing skateparks to fit within their scope and budget. Our mission is to progress skateboarding through innovative skate terrain and design.

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